Auto Claims

Is my claim covered?

Once your claim is filed, your policy will be reviewed by a Claims Representative to determine coverages that apply.

Do I need an attorney?

You always have the right to seek legal advice.

Do I have to wait to have my damaged property repaired?

We may need to examine the damaged property before it is repaired.
If needed, make temporary repairs to prevent further damage from occurring to your property. Save any receipts for claims consideration.

I need a rental today.

If you choose to contact a rental company, save all billing or receipts so you can turn those in to the adjuster for possible reimbursement.

What is my deductible?

Your Claims Representative will discuss that when the claim is submitted.
Contact your agent to discuss your policy.
Review your policy documents.

I am injured. Can I go to the doctor?

If you choose to go to a medical facility following an auto accident, keep all receipts for review for possible reimbursement.

Can I do temporary repairs on my vehicle?

Avoid starting repairs unless temporary repairs are required for the safe operation of the vehicle.
If you need to make temporary repairs, take photos of the damaged area, keep any parts you are replacing and keep receipts for the replacement parts for possible reimbursement.

Where do I get an estimate? Do I need multiple estimates?

The claims process and what you will need to provide will be discussed with you by your Claims Representative. In most areas, we can recommend a Car Care Repair facility to save you from having to obtain multiple estimates. Please ask your Claims Representative for more information.
If you have a repair shop of choice, we will still need to inspect your vehicle. Once you have been contacted by your claims Representative, inspection will be requested on your vehicle, and we can forward a copy of the estimate to your shop of choice.

I am away from home and my car is disabled.

Have your vehicle taken to a local shop.
Keep all receipts for any unplanned hotel stays, meals and taxi services for possible reimbursement.

Should I call the police if I am in an automobile accident?

Call the police immediately following any auto accident. Cooperate with the police, providing your statement regarding the facts of loss.

Will filing a claim affect my policy?

Contact your local agent to discuss your individual account.

Is there a time limit to report a claim?

Report any incidents immediately to allow time for proper investigation.

Should I take photos?

If it is safe, take photos of your car, any other vehicles involved in the auto loss and their location. Scene photos are also helpful.
Take photos of any non-auto property that was damaged.

What information should I collect?

Be sure to write down names, addresses and license numbers of persons and witnesses involved, as well as the time of the accident.

My vehicle is disabled, and I need a tow.

Contact a towing facility or repair shop of your choice, and have your vehicle towed to the the shop or your residence.
Keep all receipts for review for possible reimbursement.

What information should I give to other parties?

If a police report is being completed, the police officer can also provide required information to any other party.
Do not admit fault at the scene or discuss your accident with anyone except a Claims Representative or the police.
You can provide the phone number for your agent or claims office. If you have an insurance card that shows evidence of insurance, you may feel comfortable providing that to other parties. However, you should not provide information regarding specific coverage or coverage limits.

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