Property Claims

Flood-rising water seeping from outside.

Protect property and do what is necessary to prevent further damage.
Please be aware that there is no coverage under a typical homeowner policy for flood. You may want to contact the National Flood Insurance program.
If you have other damage, such as a wind-damaged roof, please make sure to contact the insurance company immediately in addition to reporting under any flood insurance policy you may have.

My residence is unlivable.

Naturally, you will want to prevent further damage to your property whether you have insurance coverage or not. Your policy requires you to take necessary steps to minimize your loss.
Please wait to have damage repaired so we can inspect the property, unless immediate action is needed to prevent further damage. If you must make emergency repairs to prevent further damage, please do your best to document the damage prior to repair.
Save your receipts. Your Claims Representative will need to review receipts and other documents related to the loss to determine how your policy coverage may apply to this situation.
If the residence is unlivable due to a damaged appliance, such as an air conditioner, hot water heater or heating unit, and you need to repair or replace one or more, please make sure to keep all parts for inspection by the insurance company.

My roof is leaking.

Cover the damaged roof area with tarp or plastic to prevent further water damage.
If roofer does temporary repairs, save receipts for coverage consideration.

What is my deductible?

Your Claims Representative will discuss that when the claim is submitted.
Contact your agent to discuss your policy.
Review your policy documents.

Do I need an attorney?

You always have the right to seek legal advice.

Is my claim covered?

Once your claim is filed, your policy will be reviewed by a Claims Representative to determine coverages that apply.

Will filing a claim affect my policy?

Contact your local agent to discuss your individual account.

I have had a fire at my house.

Do NOT clean up, remove, paint or tamper with any fire or smoke-damaged property until the Claims Representative gives authorization and/or the appraiser has examined damages.

I have wet carpet.

Extract water.
Use fans.
Fold back carpeting, do not remove.
Remove padding if necessary.

I have a broken or leaking water pipe.

Shut off source of water leak.
Contact plumber for repairs, saving any damaged parts.
Extract water and dry out water-damaged areas.

I have ice/snow on my roof and it is leaking.

Clean up water inside to prevent further damage.
Put buckets under leaking areas.
If the threat of roof collapse exists, contact a roofer to clear the snow. Please save your receipt for possible reimbursement.
We recommend you do NOT attempt to climb on roof to remove snow youself.

Do I have to wait to have my damaged property repaired?

We may need to examine the damaged property before it is repaired.
If needed, make temporary repairs to prevent further damage from occurring to your property. Save any receipts for claims consideration.

Is there a time limit to report a claim?

Report any incidents immediately to allow time for proper investigation.

I have a tree down on my property.

Remove tree if it will cause further damage or if dangerous. Take pictures beforehand and save receipts for claims consideration.

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